Who has paid for the 'What’s the Plan, Matt?' stunt on public buildings?

EveryDoctor is a non-profit organisation, and we raise funds from member contributions, one-off donations from the public, and sales of our merchandise. Part of our role is in informing the public about issues of importance to NHS staff and patients.

Why are you running this stunt when we are still in a health crisis?

EveryDoctor is going to court against the government because they failed to protect NHS staff and patients during the pandemic. Over 880 health and social care workers have died of COVID-19, and many had no PPE. Meanwhile, the government handed out lucrative contracts to companies with no experience in procuring PPE. The government must learn lessons from their failings and create a pandemic preparedness plan so that we never face a similar situation again.

Why is this stunt happening in London?

Our legal cases centre around 4 procurement contracts which were handed out by government ministers in Westminster. Poor decision-making in Westminster has impacted NHS staff and patients throughout the UK.

Why are you trying to influence court matters? Shouldn’t we let the cases run their course?

EveryDoctor strives to fix the advocacy gap in our health service to improve conditions for NHS workers and their patients. Our projections are alerting the public to one of the biggest court cases against the UK government this year. This is not just about the law or contracts, this is about uncovering the truth because PPE shortages affect our colleagues’ and our patients’ safety. Over 880 health and social care workers have died of COVID-19, and we want to understand why.

Exposing the truth. Standing up for NHS workers and patients. We are EveryDoctor.